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Totton Allotments and Gardens Association

Totton Allotments and Gardens Association

NEWSFLASH. 12th March 2017

Members visiting the Store Hut at the Salmon Leap Allotment Site have been experiencing difficulties for a while with the condition of the Approach Road to the site gate and also the Track leading up to the Store Hut.

I am writing to let you know the current position.

The Approach Road is owned and maintained by the Hampshire County Council whose latest update is they have around 70,000 enquires each year which are prioritised according to the nature of the issue. They need to visit the site to make an assessment which they aim to complete within two weeks subject to availability. For information, adopted roads in Hampshire are routinely inspected at regular intervals. Defects are identified and monitored and any future maintenance requirements identified as part of this process.

As for the Track from the Site Gate to the Store Hut your Association have been in constant dialogue with the local Totton & Eling Town Council throughout the whole of 2016 and are still pursuing a resolution .The initial solution from the Council was to leave bags of grit/rubble on the Site and to refill the holes as they reappear. Your Association Rep explained the need for a better and permanent solution as the delivery lorries which replenish the Store Hut have increased in size and our suppliers now use 40 ton trucks. This has also necessitated the need for a new and larger gate to the Allotment Site.

Because of the large expense involved in providing a permanent solution the Council insisted that your Association contribute half of the cost. Tenders have been received and the proposed contractor confirmed. The current start date for this work is May 2017.

Please be assured that your Association Representatives, David Letts, Chairman, George Doling, President and Ian Buckett, Vice-President have been in constant communication with both Hampshire County Council and Totton & Eling Town Council to resolve this situation.

Steve Orchard, TAGA Secretary

Pp, David Letts, TAGA Chairman, George Doling, TAGA President, Ian Buckett, TAGA Vice-President.