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Totton Allotments and Gardens Association

Totton Allotments and Gardens Association

Stores Catalogue

Potting Aids / Planters

Perlite 10Ltr Bag  

Vermiculate 10Ltr Bag  

12in Hanging Basket  

14in Hanging Basket  

16in Hanging Basket  

14in Rattan & Seagrass Basket  

14in Jute Cone Basket  

Jute Liner 12in  

Jute Liner 14in  

Jute Liner 16in  

35cm Florence Planter  

30cm Florence Planter  

32cm Verona Planter  

43cm Verona Planter  

Doff Rooting Powder  

Stay Wet Wetting Agent Crystals with Controlled release Fertilizer  

Oasis Green Block  

Grow Bag Tray  

10 Ltr Water Can  

5 Ltr Water Can  

Haws 6 Ltr Water Can  

9cm Terracotta Saucer Nil Stock  

14cm Terracotta Saucer  

16cm Terracotta Saucer  

22cm Terracotta Saucer  

30cm Terracotta Saucer  

F.P.9 Square Pots 9x9x10  

F.P.7 Square Pots 7x7x8  

6 Position Cell Tray  

9 Position Cell Tray  

12 Position Cell Tray  

Blank Tray  

35 Cell Tray  

Flexible Full Tray  

Flexible Half Tray  

Rigid Full Tray  

Root Trainer sets  

Root Trainer Lids  

Root Trainer Trays  

Root Trainer Cells  

5 Section Tray Insert  

4 Section Tray Insert  

15 Section Tray Insert  

24 Section Tray Insert  

40 Section Tray Insert  

4in Flower Pot  

5in Flower Pot  

6in Flower Pot  

7in Flower Pot  

8in Flower Pot  

9in Flower Pot  

10in Flower Pot  

Stores Catalogue