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Totton Allotments and Gardens Association

Totton Allotments and Gardens Association

Stores Catalogue


Basket Bracket 12in  

Basket Bracket 15in  

Basket Chain 3strand  

Basket Chain 4strand  

Cable Ties 300mm  

Cable Ties 200mm  

8ft Canes Bundles of 10  

6ft Canes Bundles of 10  

4ft Canes Bundles of 10  

3ft Canes Bundles of 10  

30in Split Canes sold by Bundle  

Mens Rigger Gloves  

Winter Work Gloves  

Latex Gloves Small  

Latex Gloves Medium  

Latex Gloves Large  

Potato Sacks  

Potato Grow Bags  

Fat Balls  

Peanuts by Bag  

Wild Bird Seed by Bag  

Bird Seed Feeder  

Niger Seed Feeder  

Bird Fat Ball Feeder  

Bird Peanut Feeder  

Pea & Bean Net 6mtr x2mtr  

Pea & Bean Net 10mtr x2mtr  

Large Spool Green Jute  

Ball Green Jute Nil Stock  

Small Spool Green Jute  

Polypropylene Twine Spool Nil Stock  

Snip & Twist Line  

T Labels 5off  

6in White Labels Bundle  

5inWhite Labels Bundle  

4in White Labels Bundle  

Ground Staples 5off  

Net Pegs 10off  

Water Butt Tap  

Spray Gun With Rose  

Hoze Nozzle  

Hose Repair Connector  

Double Male Connector  

Hose End Connector2050  

Threaded Tap Connector  

Hozelok Spares Kit  

Twin Tip Marker Pens  

Single Tip Marker Pen Nil Stock  

Strimmer Line Blue 1.5mm x 30 Metres  

Strimmer Line Green 2mm x 20 Metres  

Strimmer Line Red 3mm x 15 Metres  

Finasrain No1 Spray Head  

Finasrain No 2 Spray Head  

Finasrain No 4 Spray Head  

Finasrain No 6 Spray Head  

Finasrain No7 Spray Head  

Finasrain No 8 Spray Head  

Finasrain No 9 Spray Head  

Garden Wire 20m  

Fencing Wire 5m  

Garden Wire 30m  

Galvanised Wire 10m  

Buckle Tree Ties  

8in Straining Bolt  

Vine Eyes Nil Stock  

Stores Catalogue