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Totton Allotments and Gardens Association

Totton Allotments and Gardens Association

Stores Catalogue

Compost / Feed / Fertilizers

Phostrogen 800gm   

Chempak No2   

Chempak No3   

Chempak No4   

Calcium Nitrate   

Maxicrop Original 500ml   

Maxicrop Original 1Ltr Nil Stock   

Maxicrop Complete Garden Feed 500ml   

Maxicrop Tomato 500ml   

Maxicrop Tomato Organic Fert 1Ltr   

Maxicrop Tomato 1Ltr   

Maxicrop Organic Fertilizer 1Ltr   

Maxicrop Sequestered Iron 500ml   

Miracle Gro All Purpose 500gm   

Miracle Gro All Purpose 1Kg   

Miracle Gro Outdoor Plant Food   

Miracle Gro Shaker Jar   

Osmacote 1Kg   

Azalea Camellia 500gm   

Azalea Camellia 1Kg   

Azalea Camellia Shaker Jar 1Kg   

Neudorff Organic 1.25 Feed   

Tomorite 1Ltr   

Tomorite 2.5Ltr   

Baby Bio   

Orchid Drip Feeder   

Osmocote Plant Food 750gms   

Vitax Q4 Rootmore   

Bulb Fibre 10 Ltr   

Growise Multipurpose Compost 50 Ltr   

Growise Multipurpose +JI Compost 50 Ltr   

Growise Peat Free 20Ltr   

Growise Organic Veg 50Ltr   

Growise  Fruit/Vegetable Planter 50 Ltr   

Growise Growbags 33 Ltr   

Growise Ericacious Compost 50 Ltr   

John Innes No3 Compost   

6X Compost   

Composted Bark 50 Ltr   

Medium Bark 50 Ltr   

Mini Bark 100 Ltr   

Early Bird Pelleted Manure 15 Kgm   

Mushroom Compost    

Growmore sold by Kilogram   

Sulphate of Ammonia sold by Kilogram   

Fish Blood & Bone sold by Kilogram   

Compost Activator sold by Kilogram   

Rose Fertilizer sold by Kilogram   

Potato Fertilizer sold by Kilogram   

Onion Fertilizer sold by the Kilogram   

Sulphate of Potash sold by Kilogram   

Lime sold by Kilogram   

Magnesium Sulphate sold by Kilogram   

Sulphate of Iron sold by Kilogram   

Bonemeal sold by Kilogram   

Superphosphate sold by Kilogram   

Autumn Lawn Feed sold by Kilogram   

Spring & Summer Lawn Feed sold by Kilogram   

Weed Feed & Mosskill sold by Kilogram   

Lawn Sand sold by the Kilogram   

Cornish Grit by Bag   

Grit - Loose   

Horticulture Small Grit Small Bag   

Sharp Sand Small Bag   

Silver Sand Small Bag   

Horticulture Gravel Small Bag    

Rye Grass sold by Bag   

Stores Catalogue